Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Roller Race film on big screen........
Roller Race film poster

The 6 minute film i made last year with Buffalo Bill is going to be shown in Leicester this coming weekend at Phoenix Arts alongside some other bike related shorts. Here is how its billed on their website.....

2007 Bike Film & Animation Awards
Saturday 2nd June at 7.30pm
Dirs: Various UK 2007, 1hr 50mins
An engaging, irrverent and passionate selection from the first ever UK Bike Film Awards this packed programme features cycle speedway, roller-racing revivals, BMX, cycle-couriers and freewheeling esoteric bikes hitting the road on Super-8! This is cycling as the new football and film as the new fanzine. Saddle-up and ride.
Young Offenders
Tim sent me a
  • Young Offenders T....cheers Tim!
    Before i left for London today i went down to the miniramp at Mumbles for a quick skate...2nd time since my cast came off...my wrist is still stiff so i dont want to go over on my right hand.....tentative attempt at skating and as i also have no friends down there to skate with i was alone but then again i haven't seen anyone skating at that ramp before. My camera is going haywire so it turns green intermitantly......here's a quick clip i put together on the 3 hour trip up to London........

    Broken camera..partly fixed arm from Jono on Vimeo
  • Saturday, May 26, 2007

    My continuing rehabilitation from a broken arm.......
    Large package problem
    Carry ever larger packages across London and attend Mikey's brilliant Yoga classes early on a Thursday morning....these are the ways i have chosen to enlightenment and a non stiff wrist....2 days in London packed full of physical extremes and then back to Swansea for a rest.Mike took the picture of me with the box with his camera phone....nice.
    Drive by Styley sighting down Brick Lane for the package handover.......Styley sighting
    Rich, Siobhan and soon to be baby!!!!!
    Met up with Styles and Rich in between medical appointments down at Bunhill Fields cemetary for a spot of lunch with Danny Defoe and Jonny Bunyan in attendance.

    Monday, May 21, 2007

    May 1st....Ages ago...Spencer came to visit...
    spencer post hop
    Did some touristy stuff like checking out the east end, here Spencer hops the post, a typical English tradition that brings luck to the traveller.
    This blog has re-located to Swansea in Wales for a few months to recouperate before our baby arrives in August, hopefully in Worthing near Brighton but who knows.The broken arm is not so broken but isn't fully operational yet, a few more days riding might stretch it out quicker than the weekly physiotherapy sessions can. Commuting back to London though for 2 days a week on the road.
    Mumbles mini ramp
    Dates for my short film festival appearance will be here in a few days but Leicester is a confirmed one on 2nd June so Wheelers take a break from your long miles and come and have a look.....It's me and Bill's Roller Race short, filmed over three years and condensed into 6 minutes, stuff from Rolapaluza races over those three years and interview clips with Mike62, Caspar, Bill, Therese and Eddie Wingrave tell the story of what a Roller Race is.........The film will be shown in Leicester first and then on to a series of Bike Film Festivals around the country......
    Roller Race film poster

    Check out the legendary Fyxomatosis in Australia...there is an
  • article about my place of work and a couple of my shots too.....nice even.
  • Monday, May 07, 2007

    Crossfire Contest at Meanwhile 2.......cinco de mayo.

    Spencer was looking forward to this Crossfire jam all week but unfortunately for Spencer i had told him the wrong week, Spencer was back in Budapest King Diamond style......back in West London though the Westway was the place to be, at least under it, just where Harrow Road slopes off from under the grimy overpass, behind the garage is
  • Meanwhile 2.......it is skate history down there under the Westway.
    The flyer was designed by French and had a lot of blood on it.....French likes
  • blood and metal, sounds like a good name for a Manowar tribute...besides the blood there was the bearded Haslam flying across the legendary gap wizard like...a sight sadly missed as he had a broken toe and kept his skating low profile....it wasn't hard to see though from what little stuff he was doing that he was super solid and was indeed a wizard if a bit under the weather.
    I had caught sight of Chris Haslam the evening before though wandering around Waterloo looking a little lost with Lewis Marnell. They headed off up towards Westminster Bridge and i in the other direction towards Hercules Road to collect the van i was borrowing to drive the contents of our flat down south to Worthing....another story though and not much to do with the Crossfire Jam.
    The video is for Spencer...i used Pailhead from Spencer's ipod....i love that song....Ian MacKaye and Al Jourgensen....asides aside the skating was amazing and the atmosphere was amazing and Crossfire pulled off another amazing day......