Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is it cool for Jeff Grosso to wear a Skrewdriver tshirt in an interview knowing what we know now.......?

Does Grosso know the history of Skrewdriver? Is it possible Grosso doesn't know what became of Skrewdriver and it's odious reincarnation at the hands of the only remaining founding member, until September 1993 that is? Skrewdriver were a punk band in 1976, they had a Peel session in 1977, Grosso's tshirt shows Skrewdriver in their All Skrewed up era, the well received first lp, when Suggs was the roadie and Mark Radcliffe was in the band....this is pre nazi Skrewdriver....Grosso knows this too. I put it to you that Grosso is also well aware of the later incarnations of Skrewdriver and their driving force in Ian Stuart....Ian Stuart is a racist, Ian Stuart is a Holocaust denier, Ian Stuart is an anti-semite, Ian Stuart is a homophobe and Ian Stuart is actually no longer with us. Why then is Grosso wearing a Skrewdriver tshirt knowing all these things? Shock value? Rebellion? There are precedents to this in skateboarding...Jason Jesse and his well publicised brush with White Power, Duane Peters and his swastika....i don't think any of these skaters are racists, i don't really think they are white supremacists.....just 'rebels' trying to get a rise out of this cool? i don't think so....funny? How can it be? Watch Shoah, read Primo Levi.....go and visit Auschwitz or Dachau and see where Fascism can lead....Ian Stuart in his wisdom said he has doubts that the Holocaust actually Grosso aware of this dimwitted view of history? Wearing this tshirt implies much about the he willing to claim ignorance to these facts?
Leni Riefenstahl claimed ignorance of the Holocaust despite being close friends with it's architects. She was a ground breaking film maker yet her work is tainted and she spent the rest of her life covering her tracks and hiding her associations with Hitler and the Third Reich. Skrewdriver's early work is also tainted by what it went on to become.....the music became nothing more than a vehicle for this really what Grosso wants to associate with? An ill conceived stab at shock, a miscalculation, naivete or just ignorance of the facts....i don't want Grosso's amazing skating tainted with this bullshit, please Grosso....tell us it isn't so!!!!

'Jewdriver is a Skrewdriver parody band based in Oakland California with members of Schlong and frontman, Ian Stuartstein. Bagels and yamaka throwing into the audience is ever-present at every performance because, "The fans have to eat too!"'

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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First trailer again, this time on mpora

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 2nd trailer for Half'n'Half.....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hype Hype Hype

First time Half'n'Half is shown in public....Le Pub in Newport at the Bones video premier, 9th February 2011....stoked!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Half'n'Half is nearly finished!! I have been filming every skate session and every spot i could since i moved to Swansea nearly 2 years ago. First few times i knew nobody down here but pretty quickly i met the locals and with the help of Ally Barr over in Porthcawl and his indoor miniramp i started to build up tapes and tapes of the amazing skating that is happening in South Wales.
I soon discovered that Swansea has always been at the forefront of UK the 80's the whole scene came down to skate the many vert ramps the creative and resourceful skaters of Mumbles built. Their enthusiasm and energy eventually gave birth to the monstrous ramp at Morfa which helped the local skaters become great vert riders and drew skaters to Swansea from all over the world. People like Arwyn Davies, Tomsk and Twiss Enwright were regular names in Rad and Skateboard! and many big names from the U.S. joined the sessions at Morfa vert ramp.
This whole time Tomsk was using possibly the only video camera in Swansea to record everything that happened here at at the other earlier ramps in Mumbles. That was 1986, i got to Swansea in 2009 and found many of the skaters from the 80's were still around and still skating.....the ramps of the 80's had long gone but Tomsk was still around and skating. I continued to film at places like Newport, Aberdare, Cardiff, Hereford and Ally's ramp. The skaters of 2009/2010 i ran into were happy to be filmed, Sam Pulley, Jake Collins, Jess Young, Dylan Hughes and many others skated alongside the older guys like Ally, Arwyn, Tomsk, Jason and Gregg. The product of this filming and Tomsk's tapes is Half'n'Half. Skateboarding really is for life for some so this film follows some of the 3 decades of skating in South Wales....there is plenty more happening and happened but this is my view of the last 2 years (with a few flashbacks courtesy of Tomsk)