Monday, May 30, 2011

Entertainment for Steve.....
Just saw your post Steve, sucks to be stuck in hospital for so long buddy. I was inspired by Lee posting all the skate videos on your wall so i thought i'd do a few more for you. Hope you enjoy the selection and it does a little to make your time laid up in hospital a bit easier.
Todd Conglliere from Risk It!! I know you know this section already but it needs watching again and again....

Another great Risk It! section...Tim Jackson at Venice. Really you just need a copy of Risk It to see you through but Tim Jackson has the moves no one else is/was original!

Tim Jackson the Venice Legend, Feb 1992
I was lucky enough to get to see Tim Jackson skating Venice too...1992!!
Style, style, style....which everyone who has skated with you will agree you have....the amazing On Video did a piece on style...

Next is the trailer for Downfall, Stoo's are on this clip but unfortunately it's a mad looking slam! Drop in on some mental looking wall, looks painful!

I though Duane Peters had gone through the gnarliest times ever recently but i reckon you got him beat! He almost lost his leg about a month before i saw the U.S. Bombs play in Bristol in November last year...

....and then last week this....

And he got 6th in the Masters....inspiration right there!!
Steve...hope this all takes the edge off things for a few minutes. Thinking of you and thinking of the next the meantime checkout cooldudesradio from here in Swansea...great tunes and great dudes, cool dudes!! Take it easy man and heal fast.
Great radio show from Swansea, check it out!?!
Exist skatepark construction
The park is getting close to completion!!!

Miniramp skeleton

step combo

Huge amount of wood.

The gaffer.