Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mike sent me this picture of the dial and the rest of the Rollapaluza rig....

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I got a Gocco......
thanks to Styley for searching the charity shops of Yokohama and finding a nearly new PG11....being the bargain hunter he is he got it for a fraction of the price they sell for on ebay or the shops in the U.S. and arrived last week and i set to work learning how to operate it. The instructions are pretty much all Japanese and the vhs tape isn't compatible with the multi region dvd player....plenty of how to blog sites though and Q&A user groups so with a little internet help and some guessing i got a few sketchy prints from the photocopies i had. I didn't know that making the screens was a chemical process between the surface of the screen and the carbon toner in the photocopy.... so anything that contains carbon can be used to make screens...pencil,drawing ink, photocopies, some laser prints and the pens that come with the Gocco.... i'm sure there are more so a bit of experimentation, the problem with experiments with the Gocco is the cost of the consumables you need. For each exposure you need 2 bulbs and one screen.... i got 6 screens and 2 bulbs with the set from Japan so i had to find a cheap supply of both....i don't think i found cost almost £15 for 5 screens and the same for 10 bulbs from a uk supplier and that's without postage......not cheap but i got it all through in a couple of days. Mistakes will be costly.
The box of bulbs looks like a design classic on it's own.

There is a blue screen to add into the unit that somehow helps a photocopied image transfer onto the screen, i need to find out more about the science of this thing.

A quick clip of the exposure of the screen, the bulbs are similar to the old flash bulbs/flash cubes on top of old instamatic cameras. This means they flash and thats it, in the bin, 2 per exposure and thats the end of them.