Sunday, October 22, 2006

Spain Road Trip.....

Urduliz panoramic

La Kantera grind

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This is where we are going tomorrow!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

london punk shows on Vimeo
After a long break from visiting foreign climes its getting close to time to head out once more...Wednesday morning is the start of a short trip to the skateparks of Bilbao in Spain....Sunday is a brief return to England before we fly out to N.Y.C. for eight days of mayhem and joy....the joy of not working is what i've been working for and the time draws near.....i also have been listening to Manowar so excuse the henceforths and hailing...from now on its Englands shores i shall ignore, do ya get me...i know you do, you really do...its Spanish and American culture i will be immersed in...before we come back to Camden and Dagenham and all that is England....The skateparks of Northern Spain and the cavernous streets of Manhattan will fill these virtual pages from this day forth.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Some cool things i saw today, the many benefits of cycling around London on a sunny day........

Battersea Power
Stopped by Battersea Power Station to check out the view, the Chinese Art show is on inside so should see that tomorrow...

Flying Steam roller
This is by Chelsea school of Art next to Tate really flies.

Cantelows Park in Camden is almost week the builder told me but by the look of the deep water it might be a bit longer........

Thursday, October 12, 2006

More large deliveries
Mike took this picture of me hour later we had a monsoon with thunder and lightning, it took ages to get back from Harrow Road dodging the heaviest parts of the storm...i got back to Clerkenwell puncture free but very wet....the tubes survived too.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The pier at Brighton seen in a thousand pictures, paintings and prints you can buy all over Brighton.....

Friday, October 06, 2006

Archive Material....i keep putting old stuff on here which goes in the face of the Blog up to the minute, new material, fastest form of news reporting and all that but who cares....the quiet times are times for reflection and no one wants to hear where i rode my bike today and how much it was raining and what a riot it was so check out this old video instead................................

archive material on Vimeo

Some footage from the early days...Wicksteed Park in Kettering is long gone and the video from there was shot in about 1989, then there is stuff from the now closed Radlands in Northampton...Tom Penny, Mike Manzori, Rune Glifberg...all skated Radlands and developed their style there...Rune lived in Wellingborough for a while and was down at Radlands most days...theres also Market Harborough....the concrete parks where the Rowell Muties developed their styles too...i think that is the only place left from all the parks in this video and possibly the first one built too back in the 70s

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Turner Prize Private view.............

So last night i went to the Tate Gallery courtesy of the Guardian to a private view of this years Turner Prize, i won the tickets on the Guardian website so me and Sarah my sister got the chance to schmooze the night away in the halls of high art fuelled by courtesy Gin and Tonics. The show was pretty good, need to go back and check out the work in the day but two artists stand out so its worth a look, Mark Titchner might have it though.....or Phil Collins's video and installation.....something to ponder as i go to work today safe in the knowledge that heavy rain is expected and i already know i'm going to be cycling all day and the chance of getting wet is pretty high. Siobhan gets home tonight so it's all good and a weekend in Brighton looms large....nice. Looking forward to my next prize though as my one and only competition win has fired me up to become one of those people who make a living from wining inane prizes, yes i will spend my remaining days franticly filling in competitions on the websites of the world....maybe radio and daytime television too, the bonus is you never know what will happen next so your already a winner!!! Cold light of day however means i have to go and get on my bike and deliver some packages across London.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Wattled bell bird.....Procnias tricarunculata on Vimeo
Costa Rica.....

Get this video and more at

This is a short video i made in Bolivia last year.....
Dagenham Skatepark, London......

This is the top bowl of Dagenham Skatepark....the picture is of me and taken by Styley with my Holga on film and cross-processed which is why it looks all blue.....this was all done about four weeks ago.
This is my first post despite having this blog since April but forgetting i had actually created it. I have got a you tube, a myspace, a vimeo and a Flickr though so now i'm going for the full house.....check back for some thoughts and pictures sometime soon....hold on i'll see if this has actually worked................