Saturday, October 17, 2009

A video i made in 2004 and just found on my drive.......

Three American bands in London 2003/04 from Jono on Vimeo.

Friday, October 09, 2009


I posted this clip before but with the Young Offenders interview still fresh from a couple of weeks ago i thought it would go well next to the Alleycat pics....Tim edited this Mash meets Lance Armstrong piece and i reckon he did us all proud, it's a long way from Western Road to the streets of Austin but i reckon skating the short downhill outside the Taunton Rd villa set Tim up for his obvious understanding of speed and continuity that eventually gave us this time you can ride in it as well as editing.
Nice one Tim!

Talking about the Swansea Alleycat check out the Fixed Gear Wales blog report of the race here. Thanks for using my pictures Tyron!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Swansea had an Alleycat race!!!!

Swansea's first Alleycat(as far as i know) was put on by the good people of Fixed Gear Wales on Saturday 3rd October 2009.....21 riders turned out on a blustery Saturday afternoon for what looked a pretty big course with plenty of hills...can't go too far in Swansea without hitting a hill and some of them are steep, steep, steep......I wish i was in this race, it looked like a lot of fun but my long standing torn muscle put an end to cycling 8 weeks ago at Cuckfield bowl....soon though, i can feel it.
Didn't know anyone from the Swansea fixie scene so felt like a bit of an intruder at first hobling around with ione in the pushchair pointing a longlens camera at people having a quiet race on the streets of Swansea but i soon made it clear i wasn't the man bringing things down man...i hope...everyone was super friendly so it was cool.

Bookworm Alleycat
I'm pretty sure there are no couriers in Swansea but some of the out of towners from Cardiff, Bristol and Dublin could have been....not that that makes any difference, this alleycat had published all the checkpoints on the Fixed Gear Wales website a week before so it was pretty different from the alleycats i've been this worked out i don't know as i was tied to the start by my injury, lack of bike and was the Bookworm Alleycat so book in back pocket the riders sped off to a selection of Swansea's libraries to collect stamps.....check out the website over the next few days for results/report/video and the meantime here are a few pictures i snapped.

Bookworm Alleycat

Bookworm Alleycat

Bookworm Alleycat

Bookworm Alleycat

Not only did they get 21 riders for their first race they also managed to get a mountain of prizes so it looked like everyone who entered must have got somekind of prize, looking forward to seeing the reports and the next race if this one didn't put them off, don't think so somehow with all the smiling faces. Cool prizes came from Hell Yeah who have some cool designs especially their homage to Nausea..... Tokyo Fixed Gear, Howies....the list is a long one but Fixed Gear Wales has the list......Anyway roll on the next one and in the meantime i'll try riding my bike again as soon as the pain goes away.

Bookworm Alleycat

Courier appreciation day

Saw a dicussion on the Moving Target forum the other day about the Courier Appreciation day.....

Here's the 2006 table on October 9th and well appreciated it was too, good to actually stop and have a chat and have a coffee and some toast with people you rode past every day and usually only waved or nodded to.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

A complete remake of Matt Hensley's Hokus Pokus section directed by Patrick O'dell...the song is covered by the Historics.....rad!!! Everyone is totally Hensleyd up and the spots are pretty much the same as the original....
"Check out the new video for Historics' new single "A Lot Less." Directed by Patrick O'Del and featuring: John Rattray, Alex Olson, Braydon Szafranski, Andrew Allen, Heath Kirchart, Mike Rusczyk, Chris Pastras, Clint Peterson, Clark Hassler, Kevin Spanky Long, & Matt Hensley."

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Thursday nights over the winter down here in Wales are starting to look good, Ally has a ramp in a warehouse, sweet, this is Dylan from Bridgend.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The latest dial i painted for Rollapaluza.....
Started using a roller instead of a brush for the background colour and varnish, looks better in the spotlight, it got it's first use last Friday at Bethnal Green Working Mens club.....Brief Encounter

The last picture is from Brief Encounter,
Denis Yeo took this and a lot more cool shots of what looked like an amazing night. Thanks for the pic Denis.