Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

ione eats out in Worthing during the week, happy to try a variety of cuisines and states of puree...and the first time in a high chair at the Diner in Portslade..... courgette puree is her current food of choice....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Styley has left the residing in Japan, gonna miss you chief..... see you when we get there!!!
Part 3 of the live video posts....Good Clean Fun!!!!

Good Clean Fun from Jono on Vimeo.
Back in 2004... way, way back Good Clean Fun played at the Tottenham Swan...i used Stoo's mini death lens and the room was so dark i had to use the night vision it's all super wide and super green...posi up and check out "Song for the ladies".

Friday, March 07, 2008

JChurch at the Windmill.... part 2.

jchurch in brixton 2004 from Jono on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I was talking to Paul the other week when he came over to visit...the big weekend in Worthing when Iain, Selena,Zeke, Sonali and Paul all came down.....and Paul hadn't heard about Lance's untimely passing. I forgot about seeing JChurch at the Windmill in Brixton with Siobhan and Paul here is a clip from the video i shot that night...i have a couple more songs to post here from that night too so i'll get onto it...i reckon it was 2005 before we went away for a year but i'll check for the exact date on the thoroughly thorough JChurch blog/website/archive.

Addition to the above statement......
It was actually November 2004!!!! So here are the dates J Church played in November on that tour...


Sun 14 - Exeter, UK - The Cavern, w/Reno Divorce
Mon 15 - Leeds, UK - The Packhorse, w/The Sainte Catherines, Dugong, Buzzkill
Tue 16 - London, UK - Brixton Windmill w/Reno Divorce, Chillerton
Wed 17 - Dublin, Ireland - The Voodoo Lounge w/Langdon Beck, Lebanon Death Train, Disfunktional
Thu 18 - Belfast, UK - Pavillion Bar w/Landegon Beck, Baron's Jar +1 tbc
Fri 19 - Liverpool, UK - Heaven n Hell w/Flamingo 50, The Dauntless Elite
Sat 20 - High Wycombe, UK - Roundabout
Sun 21 - Leicester, UK - Sumo's w/Hardy Street Pros +1 tbc
Mon 22 - Brighton, UK - Hobgoblin, w/The Sainte Catherines
Tue 23 - Lille, France - Le Yeti
Wed 24 - Poitiers, France - Le Curicaume Cafe
Thu 25 - Day off
Fri 26 - Bordeaux, France - Local Universel
Sat 27 - Lyon, France - Grrrrnd Zero w/The Sainte Catherines + Erevan
Sun 28 - Milan, Italy - Leon Cavallo
Mon 29 - Viareggio, Italy - Matilda
Tue 30 - Torino, Italy - Antidox

Pretty amazing they played at Sumo in Leicester, i'll have to get onto Dunk to confirm it happened and maybe get some pictures....veggie sausage and mash at Sumo on a Sunday...i don't know about now but back then it was the place to eat!!