Wednesday, November 28, 2007

BMS Manchester and Rollapaluza present:
"The Manchester Sprint"

Sat December 8th
Central Skatepark
28 Mason Street
Ancoats . M4 5FT

Entry £ to race.

Minimum £500 cash prizes!!

Generously sponsored by Odaban, PAC bags and Bicycle Messenger Service MCR

Rollapaluza bring their unique mix of roller-racing, music and beer to Manchester.
The World Famous Central Skatepark, already a haven for indoor extreme sports in Manchester will be taken over by cyclists for one night only, who knows maybe some of the "resident" BMXers might steal the show from the club cyclists and the style of Jamie Staff?

The event kicks off at 7pm with qualifying, after signing-on riders will get to try to set the fastest time they can in order to move on to the knockout rounds, competitors will be able to make multiple attempts at setting their best time so turn up early to get in as many as you can.

Rollapaluza events are an exciting spectator sport so bring your mates to cheer you on as you attempt to claim a share of the cash prize which will go to 1st Male, 1st Female and fastest time on the night!

Musical accompaniment to the racing will be provided by DJs "Jono" from London and local boy "Zero" of Manchester. There will be a licensed pub price bar.

A proportion of revenue will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.

Full details at:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

overthrow, originally uploaded by pj_rockstar.

J church A to Z.......This is a page from my old zine....Lance sent me his J-Church A to Z and i put it in issue 5...i only printed off 50 copies so the chances are not many people saw it.....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lance and his music have played a big part in my life... probably totally unknown to him but he did stay at my house once and i'm sure i might have mentioned how much i loved his music and lyrics....his blog has been an inspiration and insight and has introduced me to some great music.... the world is emptier without Lance in it but his energy and enthusiasm lives on with his music and to those he left behind. Thanks Lance.........

  • Rest in peace Lance

  • Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Wild night in El Reno....George Kuchar...1977

    I love the way George Kuchar uses music and sound against some pretty nice footage especially here with the storm shots, shot at a motel in Oklahoma...seems like there is an ongoing theme with storms in Kuchar's work...check out Thundercrack for the inevitable storm theme...."have you ever seen an ostrich run down by a wheelchair"
    Calm day in London......thursday by me...2007
    portaloo with pyramid

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Cool stuff to do........
  • Roller Race on Saturday night in London!!!!!!
    The Roller Race made it into G2 in Thursdays Guardian as Matt Seaton the Two Wheels columnist was a member of The Journalist's what he had to say about the race.....

    "But you don't have to go to Ghent for a taste of something similar, if a little less balletic. Last Saturday night, I took part in a roller-race in London. This pits pairs of riders racing against each other on stationary bikes that sit on rollers linked to a large, stopwatch-style dial with an arrow for each rider. You race over a nominal 500m, so it's like a track sprint, lasting just over 20 seconds at an absolutely killing cadence.

    It has a gladiatorial quality, in this case underlined by the staging (courtesy of Rapha and Rollapaluza) inside a boxing ring, surrounded by a baying crowd. On a previous occasion, the journalists' team - staffed by the honed athletes of Cycling Weekly - were winners. This time, with me guesting, they were roundly trounced by a messengers' squad. A popular result, as you might guess.

    In the 1960s, roller-racing was a popular winter event, somewhere between a sport and a fairground attraction, with all-comers pitting themselves against a professional, Eddie Wingrave (whom I came to know as a gloriously cantankerous race commissaire in latter years), who toured along with a big band and chorus girls. With its decline, the tradition was barely kept alive in the obscure premises of cycling clubs. Now, it has been reinvented by the courier community, which has brought roller-racing to a paying audience of fixie-riding hip urbanites, complete with bottled beer, band and DJ. A scene is definitely happening: coming to you soon, the new rock'n'rollers."
    Raphapaluza IIMatt Seaton sets his time against a fellow journalist of the cycling variety in the ring....
    Raphapaluza II

    Cool stuff to look at.......(Cheers Angus for showing me this one)
  • Jim Phillips studio visit
  • Fecal French
  • Monday, November 12, 2007

    Death Premier of Better than Life.....

    Styles and Phraeza

  • Better than life pics

    death prem
  • Monday, November 05, 2007


    Barnes, originally uploaded by Jono 01.

    ...i raced Simon at a Roller Race in a Classic Car garage on Old Street last Tuesday night...he beat me but i got my fastest ever time over 500m, 23.10 seconds which is a million miles from the Horseshoe.