Sunday, April 27, 2008

The thing that saved my sanity during my 15 days in hospital was the constant visits from friends and family, not one day went by without seeing a familiar face so thanks to everyone who came especially Siobhan and Ione who were there everyday, Len and Kaz and Sunay...thanks for the cool picture Len, Dad, Sarah, Cherry, Matt, Maisie and Martha....can i say good times??

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Alan sent me this picture....i reckon it's at the Deeble Road ramp in Kettering at the comp we set up back in time in 19???? Wish i still had that Minor Threat top but not too sure about the Television was the heady times though, we all made mistakes, a large field of vision was the main benefit.

Friday, April 25, 2008

check this, siobhan and ione went down to Swansea for the weekend and had a rad time checking out the sights and getting into the idea of moving down there again when siobhan goes back to work at the beginning of July...anyhoo a cool weekend catching up with her workmates and showing ione the sights of the Gower peninsula, she loves seaguls!!!
On the way back we went to Caldicot to check out the park was pretty cold and windy and was snowing off and on...they stayed in the car and i braved the elements to have a quick skate...cruised around the tranny for a bit and then the block on the driveway caught my eye, you might know it, not too big in any way...Fully Flared as i was i decided to catch up on my Marc Johnson skills and got into trying to roll along the block and ollie off the high end which as you might know is probably not too much higher than 3 foot or so....third time trying and crunch!!! My dreams of block tech came to an abrupt i lay there in the wind and light snow i wondered if it wasnt such a bad hit after all...trying to get to my feet set my mind at ease and i knew my leg was in bits below my knee......siobhan called 999 and a car came in less than 10....armed with gas and a big yellow strap on splint i set to waiting for the real ambulance, i finished the tank of gas which left me grinning....ambulance back to Newport and so began a marathon hospital stay that ended 3 days ago.....i was in Newport for a week stuck in a cancer ward high on morphine and hallucinating. In the meantime Siobhan and Ione were staying in a hotel by the motorway and back at Swansea for a couple of nights too....nothing was done to repair my leg, i got xrays and a ct scan and waited for someone to decide what to Friday i had had enough and asked to get back to Worthing....they agreed and sent me in an ambulance all the way from Newport to Worthing....i got there on Saturday and finally they decided by Thursday to operate...i was getting seriously institutionalised....there actually was another skater in my ward which was rad who had also broken his leg on his mates mini ramp!!! Gonna find that thing when i get's right on the beach apparently. Owned by the ex drummer of the ordinary boys....should be rad!
Anyway i had as i knew broken the tibia and fibia near the top at the knee....the scan showed many fragments and some pushed into the knee joint....serious and scary!!!
Operation lasted well over 2 hours and i woke up all happy and pain free....easy i thought...not so, the anaesthetic soon wore off and i felt like absolute death for about 3 days.....
Then i got transported to a mad rehab hospital which the average age of long term patient must have been 80.....5 days there and i was ready to go insane....i left on Tuesday....15 nights, 3 hospitals, 2 countries, a 3 hour operation and 2 metal plates better don't get better than that for an injury story....anyway fingers crossed for the state of my sorry bones...i get the staples out next Wednesday of which there are 2 long lines either side of my leg...i got a bag full of drugs and i get the joy of injecting my abdomen once a day with a blood thinner to stop my blood clotting....
Looking forward to bending the old leg again soon...thanks to everyone that visited me in Worthing and a million thanks to Siobhan for coming everyday and putting the nurses to shame , if she had the medical knowledge she would be a killer health care professional....rock on, it's all that which kept me going...thanks!!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rowell Muties at their best......