Monday, August 25, 2008

My photographs are in the art show downstairs at the Foundry this weekend. The show is a group show which is part of London's Calling
Here is a quick review/preview from Bill.
Each of the four images represents a courier killed while working in London.
Working as a courier you come to expect the unexpected each day, you expect a near miss, some lost skin, a stolen bike or to be wet and cold all day. No one expects to lose their life. These images are dedicated to the eight London couriers who have died at work over the years.
The locations and even the dates of these tragic deaths have become blurred. I wanted these photographs to remind us of the real dangers and unexpected turns in the road and also to remember the eight riders who died doing their job.

Mark Francis - London, d. June.1999, died in hospital from injuries sustained June 8, 1999, East Smithfield, by unknown lorry.

Sebastian Lukomski - London, d. 23.Feb.2004, killed at junction of Lower Thames Street and Queen Street Place, by a left turning tipper truck.

Joe Cooper - London, d. 1989, killed on the job at Pentonville Road, by an unknown HGV

Calvin Simpson - London, d. 1991, killed on the job at Stamford Street by an unknown HGV.

Names and details can be found at the Messenger Memorial

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